Version: 0.1
Tag: Wireless_Release_050618_v0.1
To Commit: 17b7bb1d812a191cc5f953b402f5cd38bd81d1ea
From Commit: 6f51f0df7783e4d27d46758e8249be88cdd3732d
Date: 05-06-2018

Major changes:
  1. Reducing ROM size
     a) Refactoring of easysetup module.
     b) Refactoring of st_app.
     c) Remove unused features from stack and  mbedTLS.
  2. Certificate based OTM and cloud TLS connection.

  1. Build option is changed.
     AUTH_OPTION is MUST be supplied in build arguments with values 0 or 1 or 2.
     AUTH_OPTION=0 - just works for D2D and Skip cert verification for D2S
     AUTH_OPTION=1 - MFG cert for D2D and one way authentication of cert for D2S
     AUTH_OPTION=2 - MFG cert for D2D and mutual authentication of cert for D2S

How to test:
    1. cd to port/linux
    2. Build stack with application - make EASYSETUP=1 DEBUG=1 DYNAMIC=1 IPV4=1 SECURE=1 AUTH_OPTION=0
    3. run application - ./st_things

Known Issues:
  1. Reset functionality in st_app is not working.
  2. st_app is not connected to cloud after restarting it.
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