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      Add OC_STORAGE define that is set in oc_config.h · b0e9dac7
      George Nash authored
      Persistant storage is currently only enabled if OC_SECURITY
      is defined.  This has lead implementation problems when
      implementing features like introspection, cloud, or
      software-update which also require persistant storage.
      This commit replaces the `#ifdef OC_SECURITY` with
      `#ifdef OC_STORAGE` in oc_storage.c.
      Inside config.h OC_STORAGE is defined if OC_SECURITY, OC_IDD_API
      OC_SOFTWARE_UPDATE, or OC_SECURITY is defined.
      Also updated samples that call oc_storage_config so they call it
      if OC_STORAGE is defined instead of OC_SECURITY.
      Removed the dummy storage implmentation from the
      oc_cloud_storage.c since OC_STORAGE is now defined by default
      when OC_CLOUD is defined.
      Some preprocessor check were added to check it one of the
      features that require OC_STORAGE is set but OC_STORAGE is not
      set. This will cause a build error and inform developers to
      check oc_config.h to make sure OC_STORAGE is set there.
      Change-Id: I9a9242349e939393f190cab373fe7d0252ae656c
      Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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      oc_obt: Add new APIs to access own credentials · 3ff07273
      Kishen Maloor authored
      Change-Id: I27e35513b30f67f9ba2e035db415072c0f68abbc
      Signed-off-by: Kishen Maloor's avatarKishen Maloor <kishen.maloor@intel.com>
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      Rename include files with `common` suffix · a004bb8b
      George Nash authored
      The reason oc_acl_common.h and oc_cred_common.h have the
      suffix common is because the code contained in the headers
      is common to both the public and private APIs. Using the
      suffix common is meaningless to the user of the iotivity-lite
      framework.  What are the headers "common" to from the user
      For this reason the following files have been renamed
        include/oc_acl_common.h --> include/oc_acl.h
        include/oc_cred_common.h --> include/oc_cred.h
        security/oc_acl.h --> security/oc_acl_internal.h
        security/oc_cred.h --> security/oc_cred_internal.h
      This removes the confusing "common" suffix while adding
      the "internal" suffix for code that is already considered
      internal to the framework.
      The #include has been changed to reflect the new file name.
      Change-Id: I15df170f1172e3781dcf42e7716700f1bdea629a
      Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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      add device to owned device before calling cb · 3dd3a994
      George Nash authored
      Once OTM is successful the oc_obt_device_status_cb_t callback
      is called to indicate success.  The end user expects to be able
      to act on the owned device. (i.e. provision the device since its owned)
      If the user tries to make any method call that expects the uuid of the
      device in the oc_devices list from inside the callback that function
      will fail.
      - user calls oc_obt_perform_just_works_otm with cb
      - cb is called indicating successfull OTM
      - from inside the cb user tries to provision the just device by calling
      Without out this change the call to oc_obt_provision_ace call will fail
      since the uuid of the device is not in the oc_devices list.
      With this change the call to oc_obt_provision_ace will succeed.
      Change-Id: I2581b85cb27477556f57df049936c4605ebf34c5
      Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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      oc_obt & sample OBT:New provisioning capabilities · 61d11b62
      Kishen Maloor authored
      -During the first OBT initialization, oc_obt_init() generates a
      self-signed root certificate for use in the local security domain.
      -Added new provisioning APIs to oc_obt for:
       -Identity certificates signed by the OBT's root certificate.
       -Role certificates signed by the OBT's root certificate.
       -auth-crypt ACE for wildcard "*" resource with RW permissions.
       -Role ACE for wildcard "*" resource with RW permissions.
      These are all single API calls which subsume entire sequences of
      requests that are executed underneath and return the final result to
      the application (OBT).
      -Updated discover_owned_devices() to work through /oic/res instead of
      -Update sample onboarding_tool with new set of options that exercises
      all of the above functions.
      Change-Id: I43000bebe554faf17e652b1563111be284b404e5
      Signed-off-by: Kishen Maloor's avatarKishen Maloor <kishen.maloor@intel.com>
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    • Kishen Maloor's avatar
      Add new APIs for realm/site-local IPv6 discovery · 6c9d33aa
      Kishen Maloor authored
      This change adds new Client APIs for performing resource discovery
      over the realm-local and site-local IPV6 scopes. The Linux IP adapter
      has been updated to set a hop limit of 255 for discovery over the
      wider IPv6 scopes.
      This change also adds similar APIs for issuing generalized mutlicast
      requests to any resource over the realm and site-local scopes.
      Lastly, oc_obt has been updated with new discovery APIs for owned
      and unowned devices over these wider scopes. The sample OBT has
      been updated with the new discovery options.
      Signed-off-by: Kishen Maloor's avatarKishen Maloor <kishen.maloor@intel.com>
      Change-Id: Ib5c0adfb2f2c033a0a2dc2dc24796d3669acf1ec
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    • Kishen Maloor's avatar
      Update oc_rep API · f6203572
      Kishen Maloor authored
      * Store an int64_t in oc_rep_t for integer values. This addresses
        bug LITE-32 which points out that OCF Specs permit values
        in the range [-2^53,2^53] for integers in OCF's data models.
      * Add value setter APIs e.g.: oc_rep_set_value_int() for supported
        value types to allow apps to use in conjunction with oc_rep_set_key()
        to encode objects where keys and values are supplied at runtime through
      * Modified oc_rep_{begin/end}_{object/array}() macros to allow callers to
        directly pass in a pointer to the "parent" parameter. This change also
        makes code look cleaner.
      * Updated all sample apps and modules across the stack that were impacted
        by the above changes.
      Change-Id: I9e43a1b87b8f9504ca6524c393700a92dcfd1378
      Signed-off-by: Kishen Maloor's avatarKishen Maloor <kishen.maloor@intel.com>
      Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.iotivity.org/gerrit/29341Tested-by: default avatarIoTivity Jenkins <jenkins-daemon@iotivity.org>
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    • Kishen Maloor's avatar
      oc_obt: bug fix in owned/unowned discovery · c9024ce1
      Kishen Maloor authored
      Fix logic to refresh endpoints of known owned/unowned devices
      upon every discovery call. While owned/unowned deivces are cached internally
      in oc_obt, previously their endpoints were not refreshed on subsequent
      re-discovery. As a result, a device that was momentarily offline and
      got back online during a single run of an OBT wouldn't have a
      chance to provide its new endpoints to the OBT, and hence the OBT couldn't
      access it until it was itself restarted. This has been fixed.
      Change-Id: Ia2973cab6cf24164cb30de28136d34d3044219f9
      Signed-off-by: Kishen Maloor's avatarKishen Maloor <kishen.maloor@intel.com>
      Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.iotivity.org/gerrit/27807