1. 09 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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      Add OCEndpointParseException · 66a2d087
      George Nash authored
      This adds OCEndpointParseException that will be thrown
      if stringToEndpoint fails to parse the passed in string.
      Initially I would have liked to use the java.text.ParseException
      but it expects the errorOffset value which is the position where
      the parse error occured in the source string. We don't have a
      mechanism for discovering the errorOffset so a regular exception
      with a error message has been used instead.
      Additionally updated the NullPointerException code for setDi
      to use the C/C++ abstraction macros for Java method calls.
      Change-Id: I76442508c0b5b6c84d8c5ba303f0d982d550e5b6
      Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
  2. 08 Oct, 2019 1 commit
  3. 29 Aug, 2019 1 commit
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      Connect new/finalize to new/free for endpoints · 1ead4d2a
      George Nash authored
      This extends the endpoint struct for swig so the generated
      code will call oc_new_endpoint and oc_free_endpoint when
      new and finalize are called.
      Endpoint(s) are set to NULL after calling oc_free_endpoint or
      oc_free_server_endpoints is called from Java. This will prevent
      double freeing memory which would result in a segfault.
      code that returns or accept multiple endpoints in a list now
      indicate that fact because the variable name is plural
      Change-Id: Id11a1c98e724bf44b7ab82e92a529f3859f6e936
      Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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  5. 12 Jul, 2019 2 commits
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      Expose new APIs added in latest merge · 7fb175cf
      George Nash authored
      This includes a fix for the windows build.
      Change-Id: If2878c888a93752b36627bc6162c55c8db77be57
      Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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      Work on oc_iotivity_lite_jni.h · 6fd7cc99
      George Nash authored
      Break oc_iotivity_lite_jni.h into header and code file,
      this helps solve many build issues that resulted from not
      doing this.
      Moved the JNI_onload function from the storage code to
      this new location. This makes it possible to store pointer to
      the JavaVM as soon as the library is loaded. This helps remove
      many of the workarounds that were added to the code to grab the
      JavaVM pointer.
      All of the Java jclass varaible are now loaded in the JNI_onload
      function. This insures that the classes are avalible to the jni
      code instantly.  No need to make sure the OCMain.init function
      is called before using a Java class in the jni code.
      Added some functions to manage the jni_callbacks list. Insuring
      all jni_callback_data is managed and stored in this central location.
      Change-Id: I426cb39e9a233cbddd754011b3a3939a72df3257
      Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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