Commit c5ce7c9a authored by Marek Szkowron's avatar Marek Szkowron Committed by Kishen Maloor

Remove batch interface from scenecollection1

parent cff1c200
......@@ -717,6 +717,8 @@ register_resources(void)
PRINT("Register Collection with local path \"/scenecollection1\"\n");
res_scenecol1 =
oc_new_collection("Scene Collection 1", "/scenecollection1", 1, 0);
// Remove batch from the set of supported interafaces
res_scenecol1->interfaces = OC_IF_BASELINE | OC_IF_LL;
oc_resource_bind_resource_type(res_scenecol1, "oic.wk.scenecollection");
oc_resource_set_discoverable(res_scenecol1, false);
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