Commit 679520bb authored by George Nash's avatar George Nash Committed by Rick Bell

Map the factory presets callback to Java

This adds the typemaps and code to map the native factory
presets callback code to the OCFactoryPresetsHandler in
for SWIG java code generatation.

Change-Id: Ib516bf34dba6b1c9626e935384d8e3b133a97a18
Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <>
Reviewed-on: default avatarIoTivity Jenkins <>
Reviewed-by: Larry Sachs's avatarLarry Sachs <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarRick Bell <>
parent a2f5f7a5
package org.iotivity;
public interface OCFactoryPresetsHandler {
public void handler(long deviceIndex);
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@ static jclass cls_OCAddDeviceHandler;
static jclass cls_OCClientResponse;
static jclass cls_OCConWriteHandler;
static jclass cls_OCDiscoveryHandler;
static jclass cls_OCFactoryPresetsHandler;
static jclass cls_OCInitPlatformHandler;
static jclass cls_OCQueryValue;
static jclass cls_OCRepresentation;
......@@ -241,6 +242,11 @@ int jni_main_init(const oc_handler_t *handler)
cls_OCEndpoint = (jclass)(JCALL1(NewGlobalRef, jenv, ocEndpointClass));
JCALL1(DeleteLocalRef, jenv, ocEndpointClass);
jclass ocFactoryPresetsHandler = JCALL1(FindClass, jenv, "org/iotivity/OCFactoryPresetsHandler");
cls_OCFactoryPresetsHandler = (jclass)(JCALL1(NewGlobalRef, jenv, ocFactoryPresetsHandler));
JCALL1(DeleteLocalRef, jenv, ocFactoryPresetsHandler);
jclass ocInitPlatformHandlerClass = JCALL1(FindClass, jenv, "org/iotivity/OCInitPlatformHandler");
cls_OCInitPlatformHandler = (jclass)(JCALL1(NewGlobalRef, jenv, ocInitPlatformHandlerClass));
......@@ -351,6 +357,46 @@ int jni_main_init(const oc_handler_t *handler)
/* Code and typemaps for mapping the oc_set_factory_presets_cb to the OCFactoryPresetsHandler */
void jni_oc_factory_presets_callback(size_t device, void *user_data)
OC_DBG("JNI: %s\n", __func__);
jni_callback_data *data = (jni_callback_data *)user_data;
const jmethodID mid_handler = JCALL3(GetMethodID,
JCALL3(CallObjectMethod, (data->jenv), data->jcb_obj, mid_handler, (jlong)device);
%typemap(jni) oc_factory_presets_cb_t cb "jobject";
%typemap(jtype) oc_factory_presets_cb_t cb "OCFactoryPresetsHandler";
%typemap(jstype) oc_factory_presets_cb_t cb "OCFactoryPresetsHandler";
%typemap(javain) oc_factory_presets_cb_t cb "$javainput";
%typemap(in,numinputs=1) (oc_factory_presets_cb_t cb, jni_callback_data *jcb) {
jni_callback_data *user_data = (jni_callback_data *)malloc(sizeof *user_data);
user_data->jenv = jenv;
user_data->jcb_obj = JCALL1(NewGlobalRef, jenv, $input);
jni_list_add(jni_callbacks, user_data);
$1 = jni_oc_factory_presets_callback;
$2 = user_data;
%ignore oc_set_factory_presets_cb;
%rename(setFactoryPresetsHandler) jni_set_factory_presets_cb;
%inline %{
void jni_set_factory_presets_cb(oc_factory_presets_cb_t cb, jni_callback_data *jcb) {
OC_DBG("JNI: %s\n", __func__);
oc_set_factory_presets_cb(cb, jcb);
/* Code and typemaps for mapping the oc_add_device to the java OCAddDeviceHandler */
void jni_oc_add_device_callback(void *user_data)
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