Commit 4dfefbae authored by George Nash's avatar George Nash

Join Threads on shutdown

Change-Id: I96ea6205274a4003d2486232f6f2298b2a2064cc
Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <>
parent 0384867d
......@@ -238,8 +238,11 @@ int jni_main_init(const oc_handler_t *handler)
* poll wait loop which call oc_main_shutdown once the jni_quit value is seen
// TODO do we need to join this thread and the jni_pool_event_thread?
// TODO empty the jni_callback list on shutdown.
#if defined(_WIN32)
WaitForSingleObject(jni_poll_event_thread, INFINITE);
#elif defined(__linux__)
pthread_join(jni_poll_event_thread, NULL);
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