Commit 2d95175b authored by Jozef Kralik's avatar Jozef Kralik

cloud_tests: fill device 'dmn' property for CT5.2.* use cases

parent 369141a4
......@@ -90,12 +90,25 @@ display_menu(void)
} \
} while (0)
static void set_device_custom_property(void *data)
oc_rep_set_array(root, dmn);
oc_rep_set_text_string(dmn, language, "en");
oc_rep_set_text_string(dmn, value, manufacturer);
oc_rep_close_array(root, dmn);
static int
int ret = oc_init_platform(manufacturer, NULL, NULL);
ret |= oc_add_device("/oic/d", device_rt, device_name, spec_version,
data_model_version, NULL, NULL);
data_model_version, set_device_custom_property, NULL);
if (ret || !deviceid) {
return ret;
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