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    Update the SWIG README.md files · abd622fc
    George Nash authored
    - minor update to the description of what SWIG is
    - removed C++ as a requirement since we now only require C
    - Indicated SWIG version 3.0 was used for developement not the
      newer version 4.0
    - Removed Oracle Java from the list of version of Java code was
      tested against. Indicated this was due to changes in the way
      Oracle licenses Java.
    - Added link to download AdoptOpenJDK since this is the version
      Java currently found on my windows computer.
    - Minor rewording of install instructions
    - Removed request for feedback in the section talking about
      Visual Studio.
    - Updated the onboarding and provisioning section. The
      Onboarding tool has change a lot since the original
      section was writen. I removed most of the example output.
      It now just instructs the developers on the expected input not
    - Added a small block talking about the Android version of the
      onboarding tool.
    - removed the instructions to copy the iotivity-lite-jni library
      to the iotiviy-lite-java project. This is now done
      automatically by build scripts on the 3 supported operating
    - Change the directory layout to use ascii characters instead
      of UTF-8 characters they were causing layout issues on
      windows which was expecting Cp1252.
    - Removed the indication that the bindings are still in early
      stage and subject to change. Although this is still a true
      statment the change has slowed down and we want to appear
      as stable as possible.
    - Same changes made to the onboarding and provisioning section
      of the Android README.md as were made to the swig README.md
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