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    Rename include files with `common` suffix · a004bb8b
    George Nash authored
    The reason oc_acl_common.h and oc_cred_common.h have the
    suffix common is because the code contained in the headers
    is common to both the public and private APIs. Using the
    suffix common is meaningless to the user of the iotivity-lite
    framework.  What are the headers "common" to from the user
    For this reason the following files have been renamed
      include/oc_acl_common.h --> include/oc_acl.h
      include/oc_cred_common.h --> include/oc_cred.h
      security/oc_acl.h --> security/oc_acl_internal.h
      security/oc_cred.h --> security/oc_cred_internal.h
    This removes the confusing "common" suffix while adding
    the "internal" suffix for code that is already considered
    internal to the framework.
    The #include has been changed to reflect the new file name.
    Change-Id: I15df170f1172e3781dcf42e7716700f1bdea629a
    Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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