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    Make st regarding logic to library. · 72abe3c1
    Jaehyun Cho authored
    To st_things modules use commonly, it need to
    make that library. Make st_framework module in service
    layer, and move st_app modules to there.
    To make prebuilt library for st-app-fw, use make_prebuilt.py
    script in tools folder. thil will copy dependency header in
    prebuilt folder and copy library about st-app-fw(libst-app-framwork.a)
    Detailed usage can check in make_prebuilt.py script file.
    Please Add build option ST_APP_FW to build st-app-fw library.
    Test Case
      st_app (out of box)
         Create Soft-AP  : OK
         Provisioning : OK
         Controlled by ST android app :OK
      st_app (setup is done)  -  OK
      st_app (with reset)  - OK
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