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    Work on oc_iotivity_lite_jni.h · 6fd7cc99
    George Nash authored
    Break oc_iotivity_lite_jni.h into header and code file,
    this helps solve many build issues that resulted from not
    doing this.
    Moved the JNI_onload function from the storage code to
    this new location. This makes it possible to store pointer to
    the JavaVM as soon as the library is loaded. This helps remove
    many of the workarounds that were added to the code to grab the
    JavaVM pointer.
    All of the Java jclass varaible are now loaded in the JNI_onload
    function. This insures that the classes are avalible to the jni
    code instantly.  No need to make sure the OCMain.init function
    is called before using a Java class in the jni code.
    Added some functions to manage the jni_callbacks list. Insuring
    all jni_callback_data is managed and stored in this central location.
    Change-Id: I426cb39e9a233cbddd754011b3a3939a72df3257
    Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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