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    Rename instances of `interface` · 78448ebb
    George Nash authored
    Due to windows defining the word `interface` to `struct`
    (i.e. `#define interface struct` ) in the basetypes.h header file
    that is pulled in when including windows.h. For this reason  all code
    that is going to be compiled on Windows must treat the variable
    `interface` as a keyword.
    This commit will change most of the locations that `interface` was
    used as a parameter or variable name. In most places in the code the
    parameter or variable `interfaces` (with an `s`) was also changed to
    `iface_mask` even though `interfaces` is not a problem on Windows
    the rename was so it would remain consistant accross the code base.
    The most important locations the change was made was in the header
    files. I have already run into problems on Windows when trying to
    include the header files and windows.h in the same code.
    It is important to rename the variable in samples/test code.
    Developers often copy past from samples when developing there
    own software. For this reason the most lines of code changed were
    actually in the samples.
    Change-Id: Ia98cceb0a588428f86aae2c9014dded746e45a3e
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