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      Merge branch 'george_recomended_change_2020_01_22' into 'master' · 0410ee82
      Rami Alshafi authored
      Big update to the getting_started document
      See merge request rami/docs!7
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      Big update to the getting_started document · 2d8a7b22
      George Nash authored
      The setting up ssh access section was manualy modified to
      be 80 characters wide where it was possible. 80 characters
      has been accepted for a long time as a good reading width.
      It is also ideal when doing side-by-side code comparisons.
      The Recommended workflow was moved from the bottom of the document to the first section in the working with gitlab section.
      slight modification to the Recommended workflow
      to add reviewers and address review feeback
      cloning a repository section changed to 80 characters wide
      Major update to the creating merge requests section:
      the merge from issue was moved to method 1
      Update a lot of the section trying to make it clearer what
      steps should be taken.
      Moved the "Completing merge requests" section to point 5. of the
      merge from pushed branch section. The screen shots and
      instruction were specific to the merge from a branch not a merge from an issue.
      Added a little more documentation to the fork merge instructions
      to make it clear it was not the prefered method.  Added some
      reasons a developer may want to use a fork.
      Working with Merge Requests section changed to 80 characters
      The Issues section changed to 80 characters wide.
      Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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