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$ git push -u origin (name of your branch)
### Create the merge request.
Log into your Gitlab account and go to the project and checkout your branch from the drop down menu
There are many ways to craete a merge request. For example, you can checkout your branch from the branch drop down menu in the project main page.
![checkout branch](/assets/checkoutNewBranch.PNG)
From the same page, click the "Create merge request" blue button in the upper right corner to issue the merge request.
......@@ -58,6 +58,16 @@ Now that you have a merge request, you can share it with a teammate to get their
![MR checkout branch](/assets/MR_checkout_branch.PNG)
![MR checkout branch example](/assets/MR_checkout_branch_eg.PNG)
Another method of creating a merge request is to choose the "Merge Requests" option of the project menu and clicking on the "New merge request" green button on the top right corner.
![New Merge request page](/assets/merge_request_page.PNG)
From there, you can specify not only the source branch but also the source project. This way, if you had your own fork of the project, then you can select your fork and your branch in your fork. The same thing could be done on the target side. this would allow you for example to test out the newly publish code in your own fork within the scope of a merge request which would highlight any merge conflicts or CI issues and allows others to comment and discuss it if needed.
once you have selected the source and the target, click on the "Compare branches and continue" green button.
Now, fill out the MR form properly and click on the "Submit merge request" green button to create the merge request.
Merge conflicts will be highlighted in the merge request along with the result of the CI testing. More commits and code changes can be made within the merge request. Once the merge conflict is resolved and all the changes are polished, assign it to someone with merge privileges to merge your changes.
## Issues
### Creating Issues
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