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# Workflow
## Cloning a repository
To find a project, log in to your Gitlab account and select the "Projects" tab in the upper left corner then select "Explore projects" from the dropdown menu
![Explore projects](/assets/1.png)
The trending project will be listed by default. To list all projects, select the "All" sub tab as shown in the screen shot below.
![all projects](/assets/2.png)
Select the project and the project details page will open up. In the upper right corner, there is the "clone" blue button. Clicking it will give you the available options for cloning the projects; vis ssh or https. If you have not already setup your ssh key then use the https link instead.
![clone button](/assets/3.png)
Copy the clone path and type the following command
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### create your own branch
From the root directory of your local cloned repository, type the following command
$ git checkout -b <name of your branch>
$ git checkout -b (name of your branch)
### commit changes
Once you make the changes, stage and commit your changes and push your local branch to the remote repository with the following command
$ git push -u origin <name of your branch>
$ git push -u origin (name of your branch)
### Create the merge request.
Log into your Gitlab account and go to the project and checkout your branch and issue the merge request.
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