1. 18 Oct, 2017 2 commits
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      Enable self link in collections · 8c557210
      Abhishek Pandey authored
      JIRA IOT-2742 https://jira.iotivity.org/browse/IOT-2742
      - Enabled support for self link in collections.
      - API OCLinksPayloadArrayCreate() modified to allow self links.
      - New parameter (bool) in the API now allows to have a self link with
        "rel":["self", "item"], in links array as per OCF Core Spec.
      Change-Id: I1f2e02dd33c993dc4b28fbc447b8d286c1f7f804
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAbhishek Pandey <abhi.siso@samsung.com>
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      [EasySetup] Fix links in baseline & ll response · dad17f20
      Ankur Bansal authored
      Update oic.r.easysetup baseline and link list response to correctly fill
      links property.
      Use OCLinksPayloadArrayCreate API to create the links payload for batch
      & link list interface. OCLinksPayloadArrayCreate API internally takes
      care of creating the most part of payload based on the properties of the
      resource. This will replace the logic of creating each property of links
      payload for each of the easy setup resources from the code.
      In link list interface response, add handling for both OCF & OIC
      response (for backward compatibility).
      Change-Id: I46ca2e2d635cb78e8c7fc7c5ef95d9e16327abb9
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAnkur Bansal <ankur.b1@samsung.com>
      (cherry picked from commit 787a73bd)
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      Let Linux build upstream libcoap again · f9954951
      Mats Wichmann authored
      Cherry pick from master
      Two problems:
      (1) in a debug build, Linux builds with gcov options. Linux options
      (build_common/linux/SConscript) add --coverage to build, -lgcov to link.
      However before the two places that do configure checks for functions start
      doing so, they clone an environment with LIBS cleared.  Thus when built
      in debug mode, all of the links of the generated configure test programs
      -lgcov is missing and the binaries don't link, so the tests report
      fail. Fix is to add --coverage to link instead, that implies adding the
      library at link time, but is not affected by the clearing of the LIBS var.
      (2) upstream libcoap was depending on ipv6 features that only are included
      if __GNU_SOURCE is defined, change the define from __DEFAULT_SOURCE to
      __GNU_SOURCE only for the coap build environment.
      This is like Bug IOT-2334 but since that one reports a windows problem
      and thus can't be gcov related, it's not a direct linkage.
      Change-Id: I5cab20eeeb10ccefe74d403dd204b33b39ed9a26
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMats Wichmann <mats@linux.com>
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