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    • Kishen Maloor's avatar
      OIC scons build patch for Yocto · 585ea764
      Kishen Maloor authored
      Adds Yocto as a build target for OIC. Code is
      executed ONLY when TARGET_OS=yocto.
      It WILL NOT affect a build for any other target.
      Yocto cross-toolchains for platforms would have
      to be fetched, installed and configured in their
      standard way. This configuration is done by
      sourcing in an “environment setup” script that
      comes with the toolchain. scons is run after this
      The code in this patch reads the variables set
      by Yocto’s script and: 1) Learns of tool names and
      build flags (varies by target and arch.), 2) Finds
      absolute path of these tools (yocto’s script adds
      these to PATH) by looking in PATH, 3) Modifies the
      scons construction environment to point to tools
      + all their required flags, 4) Switches TARGET_OS
      to Linux so that it uses the Linux build configuration
      for OIC, 5) Elects to preserve debug symbols (using -g)
      so that Yocto’s build process can generate both
      DEBUG and RELEASE packages for OIC (This is the
      default recommendation of Yocto’s BitBake)
      Additional notes:
      -The pre-existing TC_PREFIX/TC_PATH framework is
      not sufficient to support Yocto’s cross-toolchain.
      -Supported architectures for the yocto target are x86
      and x86_64. These have been tested to work for Intel
      Edison and Minnowboard platforms.
      From a user’s perspective, there are no unexpected
      1) source <yocto-env-setup-script>
      2) …/oic-resource$ scons TARGET_OS=yocto <regular options>
      For eg. “scons TARGET_OS=yocto TARGET_ARCH=x86 RELEASE=1”
      The results of a build will now go into “out/yocto/x86/…”.
      If step 1) hasn’t been done before step 2), the build will
      fail with an error message.
      Change-Id: I55efab20f9c174f46446e9d59e3fca6eef3df7f2
      Signed-off-by: Kishen Maloor's avatarKishen Maloor <kishen.maloor@intel.com>
  8. 08 Dec, 2014 1 commit
    • Caiwen Zhang's avatar
      Update build scripts · 5c55fb38
      Caiwen Zhang authored
      1) Add build options to enviornment(env) to avoid export variables
      2) Sync with the newest code
      3) Update Readme(Readme.scons.txt)
      4) Extend arduino supporting
      5) Add build scripts for services
      6) Add a doc(scons_script_how_to.txt) about how to write iotivity
          build script
      7) change resource libs from static library to share library
      Last sync and test with the newest code commit:
        Scripts for Service are provided but aren't enabled due to the
      service code is too old it can't pass the build.
      Change-Id: I06427cfe65e6fcf5837376f2f89d1e93c662f920
      Signed-off-by: Caiwen Zhang<caiwen.zhang@intel.com>
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    • Caiwen Zhang's avatar
      Build system base on scons(oic-resource) · 0de3715b
      Caiwen Zhang authored
      Currently support:
       1) build linux binary on ubuntu
       2) build android binary on windows/ubuntu/Mac OSX
       3) build darwin binary on Mac OSX
       4) build IOS on MAC OSX
       5) build arduino on linux
      CPU ARCHs support:
       1) linux: host default arch, support cross compile for other arch
       2) android: x86, x86_64, armeabi, armeabi-v7a, armeabi-v7a-hard,
       3) darwin: i386, x86_64
       4) IOS: i386/x86_64 (Simulator), armv7, armv7s, arm64
       5) arduino: avr, arm
      Last test and synced with commit 55e34d19
      Change-Id: I40df2989cf48e0f32767c0aebdcc734aa0362e15