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    • sungmok.shin's avatar
      Add 'webos' into the target OS list · bd43c4d1
      sungmok.shin authored
      - TARGET_OS "webos" is added
      - IP adapter for network monitoring is implemented
      - Introduce PmLog for IoTivity over webos
      - Provisioning library is included
      - Crash with iotivity-node application is fixed
      - Build error due to RD_MODE=all is fixed
      - ACG (Access Control Group) configuration file for
        sample application is added
      - Procedure for registering/Unregistering luna service
        is implemented
      - Internal function for getting LSHandle is implemented
      - ocserverbasicops & occlientbasicops for webos
        is implemented (built from separate folder)
      - IoTivity sampler(iotivity-node) for webOS is implemented
      - Set native application path to /usr/palm/services
      Bug: https://jira.iotivity.org/browse/IOT-2967
      Change-Id: I3f4f143e7f528e873e5758410e226d98b2679151
      Signed-off-by: default avatarsungmok.shin <sungmok.shin@lge.com>
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    • Oleksandr Andrieiev's avatar
      [CR2390] Identity spoofing/privelege escalation · bc8c9fdc
      Oleksandr Andrieiev authored
      For secure connections that use certificates the SubjectUUID
      is retrieved from leaf certificate's CN. However, there is
      no binding mechanism between Root CA and Device Id that it
      can generate certificates for. Root CAs can issue certificates
      with arbitrary UUIDs, which can be used to impersonate another
      The fix adds callback to the certificate chain validation
      function. This callback collects single-linked list of all
      UUIDs associated with the certificate in cred entries.
      When leaf certificate is reached, UUID of Device is retrieved
      and matched against static list. If no matching UUID is
      found, connection should be rejected.
      Bug: https://jira.iotivity.org/browse/IOT-3087
      Change-Id: I20333c980226dc6a0c257dc36aab1502202993d9
      Signed-off-by: Oleksandr Andrieiev's avatarOleksandr Andrieiev <o.andrieiev@samsung.com>
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    • George Nash's avatar
      Annotate deprecated functions with macro · a33c1c1d
      George Nash authored
      If a function was already marked as deprecated using
      the @derecated doxygen annotation the OC_DEPRECATED_MSG
      macro was added to generate compiler warnings when a
      deprecated function was used.
      The date the function was deprecated was obtained by
      using git blame to find when the @deprecated tag
      was added to the function documentation. The date the
      tag was added was used in the macro.
      Three instances of the function registerDeviceInfo
      are marked as deprecated but the macro was not added
      due to inheritance and mock objects implementing
      their own version of the registerDeviceInfo. Caused
      difficulty adding the macro to them without breaking
      the build.
      An attempt was made to clean up any remaining usages
      of deprecated functions that were not part of unit tests.
      It is possible that one or more instances of the
      'registerDeviceInfo' function was missed.
      Java is still using deprecated functions:
      IOT-3011 and IOT-3012 to address the fact that Java is
      still using deprecated functions.
      Change-Id: I39b1af690b99d52f2e0d026e4c27b908e2f6c052
      Signed-off-by: George Nash's avatarGeorge Nash <george.nash@intel.com>
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    • Mats Wichmann's avatar
      Remove arduino support 3/3 · 8b389cdc
      Mats Wichmann authored
      Arduino is now supported only in iotivity-constrained,
      but all the support in the iotivity build remains.
      Remove in three phases (just to make shorter commits
      to review).  This patch removes conditional Arduino code
      in source files, as well as updates more text files
      with instructions, etc.
      The following files are *not* completely cleaned
      of arduino mentions:
      a) release notes: don't rewrite history on past releases
         the last file was moved to resource/releaseNotes
      b) obsolete, leave alone:
      c) diagram source contains arduino mention:
          resource/docs/c-doc/devdox/dot/ca_overview.gv - diagrams
          resource/docs/cpp-doc/devdox/dot/ca_overview.gv - diagrams
      d) some comment mentions Arduino. Might refer to something
         done to accomodate Arduino that does not need to be
         done any longer, but there was no direct conditional
         code involved. take another look at these.
      Change-Id: Ia557e16c2e7890609ca7cf14bd0e5386b23261dc
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMats Wichmann <mats@linux.com>
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    • saurabh.s9's avatar
      Security error notification engine · ad1f7db6
      saurabh.s9 authored
      Errors happens during OCDoResource calls should be returned to app layer
      Previously, session errors (handshake failed) didn't returned properly to app layer
      and this cause side effects (CA retransmission works in cases when it should not)
      Current state:
      1. Source code builds ok
      2. Secure stack samples (UDP/TCP) works well (both positive/negative cases)
      3. Provisioning (OTM, 20th menu item) works well for following:
         a. justworks    positive UDP/TCP, negative UDP case
         b. mfg          positive UDP/TCP, negative UDP case
         c. mv_justworks positive UDP/TCP, negative UDP case
         d. randompin    positive UDP/TCP, negative UDP case
      4. OTM in provisioning via TCP - negative case - should work properly after fix IOT-2454
      How to test:
      1. Positive case - just test samples (f.e secure stack samples) & provisioning with all servers
      2. Negative case - add following code which artificially breaks handshake (to ca_adapter_net_ssl.c)
         if (peer->ssl.state == MBEDTLS_SSL_CERTIFICATE_REQUEST)
         And again test all samples and provisioning with all servers.
         As result - you should see an error returned to app immidiately (without timeouts, etc)
         and there should be no CA retransmission attempts (UDP case)
      Change-Id: Ia1fe1c7c58f9e40040a0be5e7e83abbc66f80bfe
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrii Shtompel <a.shtompel@samsung.com>
      Signed-off-by: default avatarsaurabh.s9 <saurabh.s9@samsung.com>
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