Commit f53494fa authored by Charlie Lenahan's avatar Charlie Lenahan Committed by Erich Keane

remove unused OCResponseHandle

a different approach to handle slow-responses was implemented
and this wan't removed

Change-Id: Id2f0c2dcd730041b0aacca689c358789ef28e79c
Signed-off-by: default avatarCharlie Lenahan <>
Reviewed-on: default avatarjenkins-iotivity <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarErich Keane <>
parent e01bcc8d
......@@ -454,15 +454,6 @@ OCNotifyListOfObservers (OCResourceHandle handle,
OCStackResult OCDoResponse(OCEntityHandlerResponse *response);
* Cancel a response. Applies to a block response.
* @param responseHandle Response handle set by stack in OCServerResponse after
* OCDoResponse is called.
* @return ::OC_STACK_OK on success, some other value upon failure.
OCStackResult OCCancelResponse(OCResponseHandle responseHandle);
//Utility methods
......@@ -275,7 +275,6 @@ typedef void * OCDoHandle;
typedef void * OCResourceHandle;
typedef void * OCRequestHandle;
typedef void * OCResponseHandle;
* Unique identifier for each observation request. Used when observations are
......@@ -422,8 +421,6 @@ typedef struct
// Request handle is passed to server via the entity handler for each incoming request.
// Stack assigns when request is received, server sets to indicate what request response is for
OCRequestHandle requestHandle;
// New handle for tracking block (or slow) response. Stack assigns, server uses for subsequent calls
OCResponseHandle *responseHandle;
// Resource handle
OCResourceHandle resourceHandle;
// Allow the entity handler to pass a result with the response
......@@ -3320,17 +3320,6 @@ OCStackResult OCDoResponse(OCEntityHandlerResponse *ehResponse)
return result;
OCStackResult OCCancelResponse(OCResponseHandle responseHandle)
OCStackResult result = OC_STACK_NOTIMPL;
OC_LOG(INFO, TAG, PCF("Entering OCCancelResponse"));
// TODO: validate response handle
return result;
// Private internal function definitions
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