Commit ebbaa348 authored by Aleksey's avatar Aleksey

[IOT-3284] Set proper default "cis" value

Set default "cis" value of the /CoapCloudConfResURI
resource to "coaps+tcp://" instead of
a empty string, for successful schema validation.

Change-Id: I7c04d567f02db234394695e2437fa7239af9b1ec
Signed-off-by: Aleksey's avatarAleksey Volkov <>
parent 1f1bf9e0
......@@ -372,7 +372,7 @@ OCRepPayload *CreateCloudGetPayload(const OicCloud_t *cloud)
OIC_LOG_V(ERROR, TAG, "%s: Can't set: %s", __func__, OC_CLOUD_PROVISIONING_APN);
if (!OCRepPayloadSetPropString(payload, OIC_JSON_CLOUD_CIS, ""))
if (!OCRepPayloadSetPropString(payload, OIC_JSON_CLOUD_CIS, "coaps+tcp://"))
OIC_LOG_V(ERROR, TAG, "%s: Can't set: %s", __func__, OC_CLOUD_PROVISIONING_CIS);
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