Commit eb927a67 authored by Habib Virji's avatar Habib Virji

[IOT-914] Device ID to be based on DOXM GetDeviceID

Instead of ocstack generating random device id. DOXM id is going to be used.

Change-Id: I1a780f07388ee1fe09e315c2d645f1c8ee5142de
Signed-off-by: default avatarHabib Virji <>
Reviewed-on: default avatarjenkins-iotivity <>
parent 64ad7d86
......@@ -4422,7 +4422,7 @@ static const OicUuid_t* OCGetServerInstanceID(void)
return &sid;
if (RAND_UUID_OK != OCGenerateUuid(
if (OC_STACK_OK != GetDoxmDeviceID(&sid))
OIC_LOG(FATAL, TAG, "Generate UUID for Server Instance failed!");
return NULL;
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ namespace OC
// CBOR->OCPayload and OCPayload->OCRepresentation conversions
namespace OCRepresentationEncodingTest
static const char *sid1 = OCGetServerInstanceIDString();
static const char sid1[] = "646F6F72-4465-7669-6365-555549443030";
static const char devicename1[] = "device name";
static const char specver1[] = "spec version";
static const char dmver1[] = "data model version";
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