Commit e4b20889 authored by Aleksey's avatar Aleksey

[IOT-3280] Save doxm.owned when changing

Save doxm.owned flag to the persistet storage
when it changing at the state transition.

Change-Id: I870a2a166322efe2fec97c421d8f9c638f67234b
Signed-off-by: Aleksey's avatarAleksey Volkov <>
parent 7725f5bd
......@@ -2108,8 +2108,10 @@ OCStackResult SetDoxmIsOwned(const bool isowned)
if (gDoxm)
gDoxm->owned = isowned;
VERIFY_SUCCESS(TAG, UpdatePersistentStorage(gDoxm), ERROR);
return OC_STACK_OK;
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