Commit 9d76be5b authored by Aleksey's avatar Aleksey Committed by Nathan Heldt-Sheller

[IOT-3224] Remove RO params from the request

cm, isop fields removed from POST request
to the /pstat resource at OTM time

Change-Id: Ife3771fb5676a495df96e21d08d8bf20aa9364f5
Signed-off-by: Aleksey's avatarAleksey Volkov <>
parent d4833f47
......@@ -2377,8 +2377,6 @@ static OCStackResult PostUpdateOperationMode(OTMContext_t* otmCtx)
SetCBORFormat(options, &numOptions);
OIC_LOG_V(WARNING, TAG, "%s: oic version detected", __func__);
propertiesToInclude[PSTAT_ISOP] = true;
propertiesToInclude[PSTAT_CM] = true;
propertiesToInclude[PSTAT_TM] = true;
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