Commit 755ce558 authored by Philippe Coval's avatar Philippe Coval Committed by Phil Coval
parent e3f97063
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ if target_os in ['android','ios','linux','tizen']:
easy_setup_env.InstallTarget(es_sdk_static, 'libESMediatorRich')
if target_os not in ['ios']:
es_sdk_shared = easy_setup_env.SharedLibrary('ESMediatorRich', env.get('es_src'))
easy_setup_env.InstallTarget(es_sdk_shared, 'libESMediatorRich')
easy_setup_env.UserInstallTargetLib(es_sdk_shared, 'libESMediatorRich')
easy_setup_env.AppendUnique(LINKFLAGS = ['-Wl,-soname,'])
filenames = [ 'ESException.h', 'ESRichCommon.h', 'EasySetup.hpp', 'RemoteEnrollee.h' ]
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