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github evaluates the maturity of a project in part by whether it has
certain things set up: a readme, a license, a contributions document
and a code of conduct.  There's no cost to adding the
which the github mirror will pick up - it's the content from a web page
(and points to that page as well).

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# Get Involved
There are many ways to get involved in the IoTivity community, not all involve contributing code. Follow the links below to start participating!
* [Project Governance](
* [Create an account](
* [Submit patches]( (review the [Contribution Guidelines](
* [Review submissions by others](
* [File bugs](
* [Document feature requests](
* Subscribe to the [mailing lists](
* Participate in the IRC Channel on freenode \#iotivity
* Contribute to the [wiki documentation](
* Follow along with the [blog]( and [Twitter](
# Feature Development
Learn how new features for IoTivity are submitted.
[Here's how](
# Contribution Guidelines
Learn how to contribute code to the IoTivity project.
[Here's how](
> Note: the master copy of this document lives at
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