Commit 6f6a4673 authored by Srikrishna Gurugubelli's avatar Srikrishna Gurugubelli Committed by Mushfiqul Islam

[IOT-2618] Fix filter check for interface query

Introspection resource was not checking for interface filter properly
resulting in missing mandatory properties expected on baseline interface
Signed-off-by: default avatarSrikrishna Gurugubelli <>
Change-Id: I920d4a1ecc4442e34fc1de8633291de6f341a123
parent e0d15ecb
......@@ -1936,6 +1936,10 @@ static OCStackResult HandleVirtualResource (OCServerRequest *request, OCResource
else if (OC_INTROSPECTION_URI == virtualUriInRequest)
// Received request for introspection
discoveryResult = getQueryParamsForFiltering(virtualUriInRequest, request->query,
&interfaceQuery, &resourceTypeQuery);
OCResource *resourcePtr = FindResourceByUri(OC_RSRVD_INTROSPECTION_URI_PATH);
bool includeBaselineProps = interfaceQuery
&& (0 == strcmp(interfaceQuery, OC_RSRVD_INTERFACE_DEFAULT));
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