Commit 61d276f0 authored by Veeraj Khokale's avatar Veeraj Khokale Committed by Ashok Babu Channa

[IOT-2686][Android] Discovery fails for BT/LE

OCCopyResource() should not return NULL if creating
the endpoint payload list returns NULL.

Change-Id: I069dbfc0530c2b6560a55e650bc993beef120714
Signed-off-by: default avatarVeeraj Khokale <>
parent c3af8d8b
......@@ -1928,11 +1928,8 @@ static OCResourcePayload* OCCopyResource(const OCResource* res, uint16_t secureP
OCEndpointPayload *selfEp = NULL;
if (networkInfo && infoSize && devAddr)
if(!CreateEndpointPayloadList(res, devAddr, networkInfo, infoSize,
&(pl->eps), NULL, &selfEp))
return NULL;
CreateEndpointPayloadList(res, devAddr, networkInfo, infoSize,
&(pl->eps), NULL, &selfEp);
pl->uri = OICStrdup(res->uri);
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