Commit 3ded2ddf authored by k.karthick's avatar k.karthick Committed by Erich Keane

Fixed linking issue when LOGGING=true is enabled

When we are enabling LOGGING=true, there is linking error
related to OIC_LOG_BUFFER in case of tizen platform.

Change-Id: I34cd4b77636804210e1d8023345517e7adbdcaac
Signed-off-by: default avatark.karthick <>
Reviewed-on: default avatarjenkins-iotivity <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarErich Keane <>
(cherry picked from commit b826a2df)
Reviewed-on: default avatarErich Keane <>
parent 97e387fa
......@@ -168,6 +168,7 @@ void OICLogv(LogLevel level, PROGMEM const char *tag, const int16_t lineNum,
#ifdef __TIZEN__
#define OIC_LOG(level,tag,mes) LOG_(LOG_ID_MAIN, level, tag, mes)
#define OIC_LOG_V(level,tag,fmt,args...) LOG_(LOG_ID_MAIN, level, tag, fmt,##args)
#define OIC_LOG_BUFFER(level, tag, buffer, bufferSize)
#else // These macros are defined for Linux, Android, and Arduino
#define OIC_LOG_INIT() OICLogInit()
#define OIC_LOG_BUFFER(level, tag, buffer, bufferSize)\
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