Commit 3afda8f4 authored by Herve Jourdain's avatar Herve Jourdain

Fixed Android OcPlatform.Shutdown() does not work.

Android OcPlatform.Shutdown() API does not work properly, because in
the case of Android, start() is called twice: once by the Android
Configure API, which is normal and needed, and once by the constructor
for OcPlatform_impl()!
This last one is due to the fact that useLegacyCleanup is still set
to true in the PlatformConfig used by Android, which is one of the
2 non-deprecated ones.
Comments say that the flag is set to false by default, unless a
legacy constructor is used. But this is obviously not a legacy
constructor, and the flag was erroneously set to true...
With this fix, Android OcPlatform.Shutdown() works as expected.

Change-Id: I3db4c37ff17c9f16ea927093c8aa2806e1cabb90
Signed-off-by: default avatarHerve Jourdain <>
parent a9964053
......@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ namespace OC
/// @deprecated this constructor is deprecated (since 2017.03).
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