Commit 392f40ef authored by Oleksii Beketov's avatar Oleksii Beketov Committed by Aleksey

[IOT-3301] Change CSR CBOR encoding

Encode CSR as text string instead of byte string
in case of PEM encoded CSR

Change-Id: I849603f837103742156c4c157be44cce95b3a89b
Signed-off-by: default avatarOleksii Beketov <>
parent d315911c
......@@ -155,7 +155,14 @@ static OCStackResult CSRToCBORPayload(const uint8_t *csr, size_t csrLen, OicEnco
// Create CSR string entry
cborEncoderResult = cbor_encode_text_string(&csrRootMap, OIC_JSON_CSR_NAME, strlen(OIC_JSON_CSR_NAME));
VERIFY_CBOR_SUCCESS_OR_OUT_OF_MEMORY(TAG, cborEncoderResult, "Failed adding CSR name.");
if (OIC_ENCODING_PEM == encoding)
cborEncoderResult = cbor_encode_text_string(&csrRootMap, (const char *)csr, csrLen);
cborEncoderResult = cbor_encode_byte_string(&csrRootMap, csr, csrLen);
VERIFY_CBOR_SUCCESS_OR_OUT_OF_MEMORY(TAG, cborEncoderResult, "Failed adding CSR value.");
// Create encoding entry
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