Commit 1bee9943 authored by Mats Wichmann's avatar Mats Wichmann

Trap error testing Java version

In case user is not pointing to correct JAVA_HOME,
the java version check will error out without being
very descriptive.  Catch the error and print a

Change-Id: Ie78bc0882d8f1f1436352c8c1e26307ce2cad731
Signed-off-by: default avatarMats Wichmann <>
(cherry picked from commit 954bec4b)
parent 0636dca4
......@@ -148,9 +148,13 @@ def find_scons_java_version(env):
# Support for Java 1.9 not yet added. At this time JDK1.9 has not be released
# Until support for Java 1.9 is officially added to SCons this script will
# use the the 1.8 for the JAVAVERSION.
javac_cmd = os.path.join(env['JAVA_HOME'], 'bin', 'javac')
java_ver = subprocess.check_output([javac_cmd, '-version'], stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
print('Trying to discover the version of Java used for compilation')
javac_cmd = os.path.join(env['JAVA_HOME'], 'bin', 'javac')
java_ver = subprocess.check_output([javac_cmd, '-version'], stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
except OSError:
msg = "Error: could not find Java compiler at %s, unable to proceed" % javac_cmd
scons_version = SCons.__version__
if StrictVersion(scons_version) < StrictVersion('2.1.0'):
print('\t***** Version of SCons older than 2.0.0 detected. *****')
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