Commit 0636dca4 authored by Mats Wichmann's avatar Mats Wichmann

Drop use of two deprecated defines

Per the header ocstackconfig.h, two defines are
deprecated with replacement. Change the single file
which still uses the old names.  The header comment:

 * Maximum length of the Manufacturer name supported by the server
 * for manufacturer name.
 * @deprecated use MAX_PLATFORM_NAME_LENGTH instead.

 * Maximum length of the URL to the Manufacturer details supported by
 * the server.
 * @deprecated use MAX_PLATFORM_URL_LENGTH instead.

Change-Id: I40ae198120de175750447996ebd43bed9ec25fa8
Signed-off-by: default avatarMats Wichmann <>
parent b9f57ebd
......@@ -224,13 +224,13 @@ HandleError :
static MPMResult setPlatformInfoParams(OCPlatformInfo &platform_info)
if ((strlen(g_manufacturer_name) > MAX_MANUFACTURER_NAME_LENGTH))
if ((strlen(g_manufacturer_name) > MAX_PLATFORM_NAME_LENGTH))
OIC_LOG(ERROR, TAG, "Manufacture name string length exceeded max length");
if (g_manufacturer_url != NULL && (strlen(g_manufacturer_url) > MAX_MANUFACTURER_URL_LENGTH))
if (g_manufacturer_url != NULL && (strlen(g_manufacturer_url) > MAX_PLATFORM_URL_LENGTH))
OIC_LOG(ERROR, TAG, "Url string length exceeded max length");
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