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    [IOT-2906][ES] Remove "href" from child response. · d698f81a
    Senthil Kumar G S authored
    For requests which come directly to child resources
    (/WiFiConfResURI, /CoapCloudConfResURI and /DevConfResURI),
    this patch will remove the "href" property from the response
    as spec doesn't mandate the addition of "href" in the response.
    And also, CTT expects the response from direct request to any child
    to be same as the response which comes for the same child
    through collection.
    For example:
    Properties in "rep" for '/WiFiConfResURI' should be same as
    the properties in the direct response for GET from '/WiFiConfResURI' resource.
    Currently "href" is not included in "rep" for child resources.
    But it is included in the direct response for GET/POST.
    When CTT compares both responses, it finds them different due of "href".
    This patch resolves the issue and still conforms to spec.
    Change-Id: I017bed18d3e0ad568b662a03d9bd80134538a8c0
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSenthil Kumar G S <senthil.gs@samsung.com>
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