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    [IOT-2843] remove SVR restore behavior · c4025294
    Nathan Heldt-Sheller authored
    These functions were applied at incorrect times (e.g. if a normal
    Update was rejected due to read-only properties during OTM, the entire
    system would "restore" to a wrong state).  They were also wrong,
    in that they restored some values, left others unchanged, and set
    others to wrong values (e.g. presumed JustWorks OTM).
    Also, the duplicate message logic was not being used to any consistent
    effect and causing warnings.  It's also completely optional and so was
    Change-Id: I23d23f946fbafe02cdc2d2ac6ac46abcedd1f149
    Signed-off-by: Nathan Heldt-Sheller's avatarNathan Heldt-Sheller <nathan.heldt-sheller@intel.com>
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